Project: Reality Divas!

The Revolution is about to begin!

Yesssssssssss! This is the beginning of a new day for women of color in America– all women really– but specifically speaking of the Beautiful Gifted Black women, who are the DIVAS of this project, they are no spring chickens. They’ve been around the block a few times and every time they go around life just keeps gets better and better. These Divas are living their best life ever… and living it their way, on their terms and with the courage of a pack of cougars! More like Black Panthers… the female kind.

The journey of Divas Pauline Mitchell, Dawnya Wilerson, Rita Carmichael, Cici Moore and Samy Thompson does get crazy at time, I mean after all the Reality of their lives will play out for the world to witness. But they’re trying to keep up with their friendship, families, love lives and businesses. This rise is going to be one hell of a ride. Roll out with the DIVAS and have yourself a funky good time!

Follow the rise of project Reality Divas (on Learn more about the Reality Divas series (at”). Listen to the people behind the project on “The Divas Speak” and “Divas Eat” (at blogtalk divasseries). Read “We Woke Up DIVAS” about the early days and times of the five Divas (at

The revolution WILL be televised!

Stop, look and listen to what all unfolds on the Reality Divas project. Check back…

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